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CHS provides industry-leading advice and consulting on medical processes, procedures and equipment for your site.

How does it work?

The advice and equipment your organisation needs

CHS consults to synagogues and community organisations to ensure that their sites are equipped with the most up-to-date first aid gear, including AEDs, and advises them on best practice procedures.

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What does CHS First Aid Consulting entail?

One of our accredited first aid and risk consultants will arrange to come to your site and conduct a thorough risk assessment, including checking your defibrillator, all the first aid equipment and any other relevant procedures. We will then provide your site with detailed recommendations to ensure your equipment, processes and procedures all fall in-line with best-practice. We are then able to assist you with implementing any recommendations that are made. Further, we will assist your site on an ongoing basis moving forward.

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Your generosity will ensure we can continue to treat, advise, train and educate community members, certify and upskill our volunteers, and purchase first aid equipment to be used in the community.

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